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You Call That Experience?

October 15, 2012 by dave

Have you ever sat at a large table? Sure you have. Plenty of times. You may even have a big ol' dining room table in your home where you sit on a regular basis.

Have you ever talked on the phone? I'm guessing you've done it at least once already today. Talking on the phone is more common than ever, thanks to cellular technology.

So why would anyone pay thousands (yes, thousands) of dollars to sit at a conference table or talk on the phone?

On the other hand, have you ever stood in the isolation booth of a professional recording studio, spoke into a microphone that cost close to a thousand dollars, and listened to your own voice in a pair of headphones? No?

Because that's what happens when you enroll in our six week Essentials of Voice Over Class. Unlike other voiceover training programs, we put you on the mic in every single class. Heck, we even conduct your sixth and final class like a mock version of an actual commercial recording session, where you assume the role of the talent we've hired for a professional gig.

You don't get experience like that talking on the phone or sitting at a conference table.

When you graduate from the Essentials of Voice Over Class, you'll have six weeks of experience recording in a professional studio under your belt. That's a lot more than most other voice artists had when they first started out. Plus, the class gives you an opportunity to observe the recording process up close and personal.

So why are you just sitting at a table or talking on the phone? Contact us (below), get in front of the microphone and find your voice!!


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