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July 31, 2012 by dave

How can you help agents and producers to remember you over all the other voice over talent out there? Even in your own market, you're one of hundreds.

Many voice artists have their names printed on promotional giveaways that they hand out to clients. Cards, pencils, stress balls, toys and the like. Little tchotchkes that they leave behind to help clients remember them, and hopefully call for them, the next time they need VO. That's good, but customized merchandise can get expensive. What else can you do?

Food is always a great idea. Bake some brownies or cookies, attach a little card with your name and contact info, and drop them off at the agency or studio. I guarantee the whole office will be asking, "Where did these come from?" Everyone loves food. But don't always go to sweets. Maybe something healthy is in order. A hummus plate, or veggie tray, perhaps. I've received six packs of good beer from voice artists, and that always gets my attention.

Be creative, but don't overdo it or feel that you have to spend a small fortune. There's no guarantee that a gift will win you a gig. The idea is to simply to stay at the top of your clients' minds, so they remember you the next time they need you.

One last suggestion. Deliver your tasty treat on a plate or a platter, and tell the receptionist that you'll come back in a few days to pick it up. That's just one more opportunity to show your face in the place and be thanked for the kind gesture.

Now, go get remembered! (By the way, we really like doughnuts here at VON.)


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