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The Voice Over Nation Difference

November 20, 2012 by david

We get asked the question, “What makes the Voice Over Nation program different than other VO classes that are available?” Here at Voice Over Nation, it’s our job to prepare you to be a professional. 

We not only teach you to use your voice as a tool, but also how to carry yourself in a session and what it takes to get that session in the first place. 

Instead of sitting around a conference table with a “voice coach," at Voice Over Nation you study with working industry professionals – a producer and an engineer – just like you would in a real-world scenario. You learn from people who have been hiring and working with voice talent for years, and we put you into real life situations in a professional broadcast recording studio. We don’t believe that you can become a pro voice over talent by attending a weekend seminar, or that you can be prepared for a session by paying for a two-hour phone conference. Instead, we offer intensive training to prepare you for this fun profession. 

But as fun as it may be, it’s still a job, and learning any new profession takes work and hours of practice. If people tell you otherwise, they're just looking for a quick payout. We make sure you're prepared, and if you aren’t, we give you the tools you need to get there. So if you’re thinking of becoming a voice over talent, do it the right way and make sure you're ready. Sometimes you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

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