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The Highest Compliment

August 23, 2012 by dave

What's the highest compliment that a producer can pay to a voice talent?

It isn't, "She has a great voice," or, "He bakes these killer brownies," or even, "She's really punctual." Those attributes are certainly praiseworthy, and all due gratitude should be expressed to a producer who pays you any of those compliments.

But the highest compliment that a producer can pay to a voice talent is, "He (or she) can take direction."

Think about it. You get an audition script, commit to an interp, do the audition and win the gig. You have this aced, right? Then the producer tosses you a curveball.

She liked your interp on the audition, but she wants you to your read a little more like this or a bit more like that. Read faster. Read slower. Vary your pace. Go up at the end of this sentence. Go down at the end of that one. And that vaguely foreign street name you were sure was pronounced this way? It's pronounced that way.

As a professional voice over talent, you'll be expected to absorb each new direction and incorporate it into your read, along with whatever direction has come before. After all, the producer's your boss. The production is her vision, and you're there to help her create it.

Can you take direction? If so, you possess an essential component of a voice artist's skill set, and you have my highest compliments.

Find your voice.


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