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  1. Don’t Sell Yourself Short

    July 28, 2013 by dave

    Once in awhile an advertiser will contact Voice Over Nation looking to hire cheap voice over talent.

    First, let me set the record straight. We do not train cheap voice over talent. We train our students with the goal of seeing them work at the highest levels of the industry. What's more, VON is not a talent agency, and we have no interest in making it one.

    There are talent agencies out there that do cater to this market for cheap voice over talent, many of them online agents. But it's like buying cheap jewelry or cheap whiskey. You won't get diamonds and Glenlivet. You'll get exactly what you pay for.

    Often with a cheap agent, the script is recorded blind, with little or no input from the client, who has to accept the result – or pay an additional session fee to re-record. After paying several session fees in order to get exactly what the client wants, suddenly cheap doesn't seem so cheap anymore. In the words of classic voice over star Bert Berdis, "There's never enough money to do it right, but there's always enough money to do it over."

    And if that sounds like a bad deal for the client, think about it from the talent's perspective. Not only is the pay piddling. If you get tagged as "cheap voice over talent," do you think a producer will seriously consider you to voice the next Jaguar campaign or the video launching the next version of the iPhone? More likely, you'll be stuck doing answering machine messages for Eddie's Cell Phone and Tobacco Emporium.

    That's not to say you'll never do a discount job. Many voice artists who are starting out and don't have agents yet will occasionally accept a reduced fee in order to gain experience and collect real-world material for their demos. But the ones with an eye to success are careful to choose both jobs and demo samples judiciously, accepting only work that will showcase their talents in the best, highest quality light.

    So don't sell yourself short. Get the training you need to work at the highest levels of the industry and find your voice!


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