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Put On the Big Head

May 1, 2012 by dave

A friend of mine just raves about a job he had playing the team mascot during college. Once the big head went on, he said, it was magic. He could do all kinds of things a skinny, gawky kid from Michigan couldn't. He was free to cut loose and lose his inhibitions. And people loved it. He didn't worry about looking like a buffoon. It wasn't him. It was Fluffy McCostume.

That's one of the toughest challenges for a novice voice over artist. Being able to relax, cut loose and not worry about sounding like a buffoon. So it may help to think of the iso booth as kind of like the big head. Unlike my friend, you're not alone inside there. You share "the costume" with a producer and an engineer.

But, as we often remind our students, the best voice over work is a creative collaboration between the three of you. Therefore, you're in a safe place when you're in the booth. You can feel comfortable giving whatever performance the producer wants from you. Even if it makes you sound like a buffoon. Because it's not you. It's Character McVoiceover.

Find your voice.

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