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April 30, 2012 by david

Here at Voice Over Nation, we talk a lot about “finding your voice.” We aren’t talking about losing your voice from screaming at the ball game the night before. Or that your voice is in the closet, playing hide and seek. We are talking about consciously knowing how you sound and being able to “find your voice” on command in any situation.

Think about it. Every day you talk with your friends, you talk with your co-workers and your family. Do you ever listen to yourself? Do you hear your phrasing, the intonation of your voice and the emotion that you use? It’s all happening on the subconscious level.

Now, pick up a script, put your headphones on and step up to the mic. How do you sound? Now that you are being forced to listen to yourself, think about your phrasing, maybe even your local accent. How do you sound “on tape” if you can’t find your voice? You sound mechanical, emotionless and dull. This isn’t what producers want, and is only acceptable when the script calls for it.

Finding your voice isn’t about mimicking a famous movie character, or being able to talk like Daffy Duck. It’s about being YOU. That’s what we want. No matter what your voice sounds like. Finding your voice is about being you, the real you. Let us help you “find your voice.”

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