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Putting the Social in Media

December 24, 2012 by david

Times sure have changed since Dave and I started working in the broadcast industry. Not too long ago the only way to get a demo to an agency or potential new client was to mail or deliver it to them. Generally you’d have to pay for duplication of your demo, printing costs for your headshot, resume and CD sleeve, and of course the postage. It was an expensive endeavor to say the least!

Boy, how things are different now.

I hear students often say, “I don’t have a Facebook page,” or, “Linkedin?  How does that work?” Don’t discount the power of social media. It isn’t all about sharing what you had for lunch, or the latest funny picture of your cat.  Social media can be a powerful tool to help launch your career and get more work.

There are so many ways to share your demo online. And 99.9% of them are free to use. You’ll find that almost any business will have some sort of social media presence. Use that to your advantage. There is one thing to remember though. Just because you set up a Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace or Twitter profile, that doesn’t mean people will flock to your pages (pun totally intended).

Social media takes work. Not only do you need to reach out to friends, business associates and potential clients. You need to also concentrate on the “social” aspect of this medium. Find voice over groups online and regularly post messages on their pages. It only takes a few minutes to pass on an article, or to give your opinion on someone else’s post. Be a part of the conversation. Don’t just expect great things to happen. Find your voice and go make them happen!

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