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So this is your first time, huh? Everybody's a little nervous the first time. It'll be over before you know it. Just relax. We'll be gentle with you. We'll make your first time memorable.

With more than forty years of combined production experience, the Voice Over Nation team has what it takes to help you produce your first radio, television or new media project. We’ll guide you through the process: writing the script, finding the best talent, recording and finishing your masterpiece and getting it out to your audience. Locally or nationally, we do it all. So let us be your first. Your second, third, and fourth, too. We'll do you right, and we’ll respect you in the morning. Just contact us to arrange a free consultation. (Cigarettes and afterglow sold separately.)


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    Launch a career in the exciting, lucrative voice over industry, or supplement your voice over career with quality training and tools.  Contact us here with your questions and comments.

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