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Practice Makes Perfect

September 10, 2012 by david

When I went to conservatory for college, the most important thing I learned was how to practice. I must admit, it’s my least favorite thing to do, but by far the most important. And there are definitely ways to make practicing more fun. Your voice is just like a musical instrument; you need to practice to not only become better, but to keep your skills in check and all of your muscles strong.

Contrary to popular belief, there is much more to Voice Over than just reading a script and taking direction. Your voice is the tool of your trade, and you need to be able to perform all the tasks a producer will expect of you. Whether it’s reading a tag really fast, or being able to make it through a 30-second spot on just a breath or two, or reading a 100-page script that may take six hours. Practicing will improve your performance and your endurance.

So now that we’re all in agreement that practicing is important, here are a few things to remember while you’re practicing.

• Always practice your read at full volume. Perform it how you would perform it in studio. Reading under your breath and mumbling will do you no good.

• Think of all the different ways a script can be interpreted. Practice it with lots of energy, serious, conversational, with a smile on your face and any other way it can be performed. Work on using different and try accenting different words.

• There is copy everywhere!!! Pick up the closest water bottle and read. Practice in the shower! Most shampoos and conditioners will have copy on the bottle.

• LISTEN! Listen to what’s trending on the radio. How are the “pros” doing reads? Then work on sounding like them. Not how their voices sound, but their inflection and tone.

• Exercise. You need to warm up and cool down your instrument. Just like lifting weights, don’t overdo it and hurt your voice.

Here at Voice Over Nation we know that practice makes perfect. Being a professional voice talent doesn’t generally happen overnight, and even the pros need to practice to keep their own instruments in good working order.

So go practice some copy! Visit voiceovernation.com  for our exclusive Practice Packs. Each one includes professional scripts, an mp3 of a producer’s read and vocal exercises. The new PSA Pack will be available soon.

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