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Living the Voice Over Lifestyle

August 8, 2012 by dave

Do you dream of living the "voice over lifestyle?" Sipping piña coladas on the verandah of your vacation home in the tropics, and occasionally nipping in to your portable studio for a big budget session? 

Dream on.

Some voice over instructors try to paint that idyllic picture for you, in an effort to separate you from your hard earned cash. But here in Voice Over Nation, we believe in telling you the truth. And this is the truth:
There's no such thing as a "voice over lifestyle."
Voice over is a business, plain and simple. You have to hustle to get representation. Then, when you get it, you have to hustle your agents for auditions. You need to join trade associations, attend networking events and follow trends in advertising. All while practicing and keeping your voice in good shape.
Of course, it's not just any business. It's your business. Literally, the business of you, (Insert Talent Name Here). And if you're persistent and don't get discouraged, you could make a decent living at it. All for hanging around in plush studios and playing make-believe with your voice. Not bad, right?
Of course, there is always a chance that you'll land that big national campaign some day, for Snickers maybe, or Nike. If that happens, we expect you to invite us over for piña coladas on the verandah.
Find your voice.

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