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February 25, 2013 by david
So you’ve had some training and some time in the booth. You’ve sent out your demo and you’re ready to start working in the voice over business. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the calls to come in.
This is the voice over business. Your business. Just because you have a demo and maybe an agent, that doesn’t mean the work is over for you. The VO business is just like any other small business and takes lots of work.
What are you selling? YOU.
So that means you have to market yourself. Not just via social media outlets, but you really need to get out and “meet and greet” others in your industry. Advertising agencies, talent agencies and other people who may potentially hire you.
You need to call those people who you’ve sent your demo and nurture your relationships with them. Even if they haven’t hired you yet. Remember, you're selling you, so be friendly, even if you may be frustrated.  It all comes with time.
Dave R. suggests that you set aside some time weekly to work on the business of you. Return emails, make a list of who and when you sent out demos, see if any local networking groups are having meet-ups and go introduce yourself to the people who you want to hire you.
Being a voice over talent takes hard work, but if you put in your time, you will be successful.


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