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It Really Is a Small World After All

October 29, 2012 by dave

Once upon a time, if you were a voice over artist in a particular city, you were a voice over artist in that particular city. You might occasionally get work in neighboring large cities, but if it wasn't within driving distance, it was pretty much outside of your professional sphere.

Occasionally, a producer would hire voice talent in another (usually larger) city and produce the session via what we called a "phone patch." In other words, I (the producer) would telephone the studio, and the engineer would patch my call into the talkback system. I could hear the talent and she or he could hear me. Of course, the audio fidelity of phone lines is notoriously low, so I wouldn't hear exactly how the read sounded. That'd have to wait till Fedex delivered the reel-to-reel tape the next day. But at least I could hear the talent's interp and direct his or her read. It was a tradeoff.

Now, however, I can produce a session with a voice talent in a distant city — even several voice talents in several distant cities — and it will sound like they're right there in the iso booth next door. Using something called ISDN technology (it's not important to know what that means, but if you're really curious, Wiki it), we can connect multiple studios via what are essentially high resolution phone lines. Because ISDN lines transmit high quality signals, the engineer can record the talent on my end and we can mix the project instantly.

So, thanks to technology, the voice over world really is getting smaller. You're no longer limited to working in a particular geographic area. One very ambitious and successful voice artist who David and I know does the majority of his work for clients based in cities other than his own.

Opportunities abound for those who seek them. Where will you find your voice?


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