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Follow the Instructions

December 10, 2012 by dave

You've probably heard the urban legend about the teacher who gave a test. The instructions said, simply, "Write your name at the top of the test and turn it in. Do not answer the questions below." Most of the students, so the legend goes, skipped reading the instructions, answered all of the questions, and promptly failed the test.

The moral of the story? Follow the instructions.

If it's true for a middle schooler, it's even more true for a professional voice artist. When you submit your demo to a talent agent, follow the instructions. Many agents publish their submission policies online. As a matter of fact, Voice Over Nation's brand new Agent Directory 2013 features more than 125 talent agents throughout US and Canada, with direct links to online submission policies where available.

Each agent's set of submission policies is different. Some want your demo on a disk. Others only accept demos by email. Some want a resume. Some want a head shot. Some want both. Some want neither. Whatever the agent requests, follow the instructions. Follow them carefully. Check them and double-check them. Make sure you follow them to a T. Why? Because you never have a second chance to make a first impression.

By following instructions, you're demonstrating to the agent that you're reliable and responsible. That your professional behavior will reflect well on the agent's reputation. That you're a businessperson as well as an artist. That you get it.

So get the Directory, follow the instructions, get represented…and find your voice!

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