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Don’t Jump the Gun!!

June 25, 2012 by david

(That's me yelling at you.)

I'm talking about doing your demo too soon. Being the super ninjitsu engineer that I am, it would be very easy for me to make your demo sound amazing. With enough takes, killer scripts and great sound design, even the worst talent can pull off a top-notch demo. So why not do that?


Well… Because, without any other experience or training, you won't be able to represent when you get hired to do a session. That's a bad thing. Trust me. That's a mistake you can't take back. First impressions count. Maybe a year later, after you've had some training and practice, you might be ready. But by then your agents are worried about your ability to perform, and they may not promote you like they should. (Catch my drift?) 


So, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE and get training before you even think of a demo! Be a professional. Don't think that you can do voice over just because you have a great voice and some money for a demo. Producers will see right through that. It takes work to be an amazing voice over talent. So run to our store right now, pick up a Practice Pack and get your practice time on! But be quick. For a limited time, if you record yourself reading a script from your Practice Pack and send it to davidc@voiceovernation.com, I’ll send you a free critique.


We'll see you next week. Practice and FIND YOUR VOICE!

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