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Bring Something to the Audition

January 14, 2013 by dave

No, we don't mean donuts. Though producers and engineers always appreciate donuts. (Mmmmm… donuts…)
No, when David and I tell you to "bring something to the audition," we're talking about the X-factor. That extra… something… that will make you stand out from the dozens of other VO artists vying for the job.
What will catch the producer's attention while she or he is half-listening to endless auditions in the middle of a busy workday? Is it the genuine little chuckle you interject into the middle of a funny commercial? Is it the sob that escapes your lips as you deliver an emotional read? Is it the awe that you radiate as you describe a monumental event?
Too often people worry that their auditions won't be "perfect." In my opinion, that's an unrealistic expectation to set for oneself, and totally unnecessary to boot. Living an authentic human life is anything but a perfect experience, and our speech is no exception. 
Sometimes we chuckle. Sometimes we sob. Sometimes we get quiet. Sometimes we get loud. Sometimes we… hesitate… as we search for words. And sometimes that's exactly what rings true in the producer's ear, and earns you the job.
So the next time, bring something to the audition. (And send the donuts to David and me.)
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