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October 1, 2012 by dave

In our Essentials of Voice Over Class we teach what we call "the art and business of voice over." 
You learn how to exercise your instrument and hone your craft. Breathing and vocal techniques that improve performance. Strategies for sounding natural. And more. That's the art part.
We also teach you how to audition effectively and behave professionally. What to expect during every recording session. How to promote yourself to agents and clients. And more. That's the business end.
Some people come to us looking for a vocal coach. That's not us. We're working producers, the sort of people who will hire you for each and every gig. So we can provide you with a unique, inside perspective on what we want and how to deliver it. 
Now, that's not to say that vocal coaching is bad. Au contraire mon frere! You are entering a field that places a high value on continuing education and ongoing training. 
You may decide to hire a vocal coach if, for instance, your diction needs improvement. You might work with a dialect coach if you want to learn accents. You can take acting classes, or even hire an acting coach. There's always something to learn.
But don't forget about the art and business of voice over. Because, no matter how your voice sounds, or how well you can read a line, you still need to know the Essentials.
Find your voice.

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