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  1. Jill Goldammer

    A silken voice and a cheerful attitude infuse Jill Goldammer’s delivery with confidence.

  2. Mike Lusaya

    Mike Lusaya’s impassioned delivery is elevated by his bright voice and international accent. “A small class made for quick feedback and good discussions.”

  3. Brian Bayer

    Blending a down-to-earth voice with a no-nonsense attitude, Brian Bayer delivers with confidence. “I really felt supported by the instructors, who kept things positive even when offering ways to improve.”

  4. Frank Williams

    Frank Williams’ deep, powerful voice and irreverent attitude make an exhilarating combination.

  5. Dave Margosian

    Dave Margosian has a fondness for characters, and that’s reflected in his lively reads.

  6. Ceri Robinson

    Ceri Robinson combines her outstanding skills as a trained actor with her rich, expressive voice. “I was so thankful to have time every class in the booth, actually working on the craft.”

  7. David Furio

    Young, deep and smooth are the qualities that best define David Furio’s expressive voice.

  8. Laura Hage

    Laura Hage has a sparkly, expressive voice that allows her to infuse any script with giddy excitement. “The honest critiques helped me tune my ears to what sounds good and what agents will be listening for.”

  9. Steve Schleicher

    From tough guy to guy next door, Steve Schleicher brings his acting chops to everything he does. “The coaching during our time in the booth has been excellent and really allowed me to grow and improve.”

    Represented by Jennifer's Talent

  10. Jim Marek

    Boyish perhaps best describes Jim Marek’s youthful voice and sincere delivery.

  11. Kris Jacobsen

    A sweet, expressive voice and an earnest attitude are at the heart of Kris Jacobsen’s delivery.

  12. Nathan Mitchell

    Nathan Mitchell balances a rich, velvet voice with his friendly, inquisitive personality. “The information and training that I received has been an inside look at all the possibilities awaiting me in this industry.”

  13. Jeff Wheatley-Heckman

    A commanding presence and a touch of irony characterize Jeff Wheatley-Heckman’s style. “The individualized attention and notes were also so helpful which is due to the class size and the time spent with us.”

  14. Kathi Heckenlively

    Kathi Heckenlively utilizes her training as an actor to deliver both comic and serious material.

  15. Mike Ewert

    Mike Ewert brings a nice-guy eagerness and charm to everything he delivers. “This is an excellent class which not only focuses on the craft of voiceover but the business aspect as well.”

  16. Mike Halula

    Mike Halula’s commanding voice is balanced by a warm delivery and a twinkle in his eye. “A warm and friendly atmosphere led to a great learning experience.”

    Represented by Voices&

  17. Nic Whittaker

    A rough-and-tumble voice and a bit of attitude characterize Nic Whittaker’s approach. “Well, you came this far in search of your dream. Why not take it the rest of the way? Let VON show you how it’s done!”

  18. Ross Akbar

    A young man with a deep, rich voice, Ross Akbar can deliver across a variety of styles. “Upon completion, I felt very much ready and able to take my skills into a professional setting.”

  19. Chuck Stollenwerk

    Chuck Stollenwerk has a vintage sound, which is enhanced by his good natured attitude. “Very informative with plenty of time on the microphone. A very positive learning experience!”

  20. Glenn Goodman

    Glenn Goodman’s chalky voice and casual delivery lend him a natural, conversational sound. “The Essentials course unleashed the most creative elements of my personality and honed my ears for what sounds good.”

  21. Jenn Schafer

    Jenn Schafer‘s rich voice has the texture and flexibility that are essential to comic delivery. “The Essentials Class was an eye-opening experience. I highly recommend this course over any other offering around.”

  22. Terry Kraus

    A sense of fun and excitement drives Terry Kraus, and provides character to his friendly-guy voice. “After each successive class, I was increasingly satisfied with my decision to choose Voice Over Nation, and the value I received. “

  23. Mike Kroes

    Mike Kroes has a voice with a velvety edge, which is reminiscent of a classic radio announcer’s. “Small class size makes it a rather comfortable experience. Ample microphone time in the booth for each student is a major plus.”

  24. Kris Buechler

    A satiny tone and a placid attitude are hallmarks of Kris Buechler’s voice over delivery. “The Essentials of Voice Over Class is just that, essential to anyone (including a novice like me) who is considering a career in voice over.”

  25. Willie Williams

    Willie Williams has a deep, rich voice that resonates with every performance.

  26. Matthew Yeager

    Young and charming are perhaps the best adjectives to describe the earnest delivery of budding actor Matthew Yeager. "Being able to go into a recording studio, get direction from industry professionals and see an immediate change from take to take is an absolute thrill."

  27. KayCee Williams

    KayCee Williams has a fresh, earnest sound that adds a charming sparkle to everything she voices.

  28. Dean Rohde

    Dean Rohde‘s young, eager delivery brings a high level of passion to comic character voices. “I just want to say I did enjoy the class.”

  29. Matthew James

    Matthew James uses his deep, gravely voice to good advantage, particularly when the project calls for gravitas. “The class was well worth the price, and I would definitely recommend the class to anyone that is serious about working as a voiceover artist.”

  30. Craig Bruner

    When it comes to character reads, Craig Bruner excels with his distinctive “average Joe” delivery. “I really appreciated being able to be in the studio. It helped with development. I can’t imagine working in the industry without the benefit of time in the studio.”

  31. Rob Beuthling

    Rob Beuthling‘s friendly, middle American delivery is complimented by his warm, smooth voice. “The casual, yet professional, atmosphere provided a great environment to learn everything about voice over.”

  32. Jeanne Schierstedt

    Playing the comic everywoman comes naturally to Jeanne Schierstedt, who channels her own good-natured personality. “Great teachers. Fun learning experience. Small class, so lots of one-on-one time.”

  33. Tracy Stahlkopf

    Tracy Stahlkopf‘s voice sparkles with youth, yet she can deliver across a range of ages and styles. “The feedback in class is always professional and supportive when you are behind the mic.”

    Represented by Jennifer's Talent

  34. Tracey Thomas

    Tracey Thomas‘ full-toned voice is augmented by her earnest, matter-of-fact delivery. “Held in an actual recording studio, class size is limited to just three students, allowing for tons of mic time, one-on-one feedback and constructive criticism.”

  35. Jeanette Mitchell

    An easy warmth and friendliness offset Jeanette Mitchell‘s rich, distinguished delivery. “I’m so excited about the new ways I’ve learned to use my voice and look forward to being a strong voice over talent. This was a very professional training.”

  36. Cora Turner

    Cora Turner‘s warm, textured voice lends itself to both serious and comic reads. “I’ve attended other voice over classes and trainings, and this has been one of the best.”

  37. Becky Wham

    Whether playing a concerned mom or a snarky girlfriend, Becky Wham delivers with infectious energy. "You just can't put a price on it. I can't imagine trying to break into this business without having taken this class."

    Represented by Jennifer's Talent, Lori Lins Ltd

  38. Maria Weimer

    Maria Weimer is an excellent storyteller who can breathe life into even the most challenging script. “We were in the booth from day one. That was so exciting!”

  39. Jim Heinzelman

    Jim Heinzelman‘s reads are powerful and memorable, thanks to his rich baritone and his charming demeanor. “I love the fact that they gave us the dos and don’ts of the business throughout the course. It was a perfect start to my career in voice over!”

  40. Jim Lucius

    Jim Lucius infuses his restrained, authoritative delivery with a wry sense of humor. “Somehow, through a combination of in-depth knowledge, repetition, example and anecdote, the teachers dug deeper than I would ever have expected.”

  41. Lisa Vincent

    Lisa Vincent‘s velvety voice and a cheerful disposition work well with both straight reads and character roles. “Each and every class was incredibly valuable and FUN. I’m glad I could learn from two of the best in the industry.”


  42. Brian Repinski

    Brian Repinski has an ordinary-guy voice that’s ideal for comic material, yet he can easily slip into a smooth, warm announcer’s delivery. “Y’all rocked so hard. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”


  43. Jason Reichhold

    When it comes to gruff and tough, Jason Reichhold is your man, with his gravely voice and restrained delivery.

  44. Tanya Atkinson

    Tanya Atkinson brings a no-nonsense attitude to her delivery, and balances it with ample humor and warmth. "Dave and David have created an exceptionally professional training ground for would-be voice over artists. The setting and the training have left me confident that I could walk into a recording studio, know what I'm doing and understand direction."


  45. Chad Novell

    A rich, mellow voice and a smooth, relaxed delivery are the hallmarks of Chad Novell's reads.

  46. Bruce Forciea

    Bruce Forciea is equally comfortable with a serious, formal, technical read as he is with a casual, deadpan, everyman delivery. "The studio setting and small class size were great. That allowed for a good deal of one-on-one time with valuable feedback."


  47. David Stokes

    David Stokes has a frank, natural style of delivery that works nicely with his down-to-earth voice. "The experience was wonderful. I was able to be 'on mic' every class and received lots of encouragement and constructive criticism."


  48. Dave Rust

    A charming individual with a rich, expressive voice, Dave Rust makes the most of every read he does. "Each week you're on the mic, given notes and encouraged in your craft. If you're excited about getting started in voice over, then this class is a wise decision."


  49. Adam King

    Adam King's voice resonates, lending a unique quality to his personable, enthusiastic delivery. "Improvement is noticeable after just the first session and the instructors help you get more and more comfortable behind the mic every week."


  50. Sarah Hwang

    Sarah Hwang's classic sound and her background in theater blend nicely in her enthusiastic delivery. "The Daves not only show you the VO industry ropes, they make it really fun! I learned tricks of the trade and had a blast doing it."

    Represented by Jennifer's Talent


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