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With the explosion of digital media, the need for trained voice over talent is growing by the day. Voice Over Nation’s goal is to nurture talented individuals to meet that need, by making sure they’re well trained and prepared to succeed in the field. Our instructors in Milwaukee and the Twin Cities are working professionals who know the voice over industry inside and out.

But our training program is different than what other voice services offer. It’s presented in a state of the art recording studio by a working producer, the kind of person who will hire you one day. So Voice Over Nation gives you a unique and valuable perspective. What’s more, we strive to help you succeed at the highest level of the voice industry, unlike many voice over programs which encourage you to chase cheap, down-and-dirty work.

Discover how to break into this exciting and lucrative industry the right way. Visit our Services page to learn about the quality opportunities we have for motivated people who want successful voice over careers. Check our blog, The Read, for additional opportunities to learn. And feel free to contact us if there’s anything else we can do to help you.

The Read

Don't Sell Yourself Short

Once in awhile an advertiser will contact Voice Over Nation looking to hire cheap voice over talent. First, let me set the record straight. We do not train cheap voice over talent. We train our students with the goal of seeing them work at the highest levels of the industry. What's more, VON is not a talent agency, and we have no interest in making it one. There are talent agencies out there that do cater to this market for cheap voice over talent, many of them online agents. But it's like


Does It Matter Where You Are From?

For the last year, I have had the pleasure of working for an international production company in Asia. While there, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to produce voice talent from all over the world. I’ve recorded voice over in Mandarin, Russian, many different dialects of Spanish, and Western English in as many diverse accents as there are English-speaking countries. One thing holds true no matter what language you speak. You need to find your voice. It’s all about sounding real and, most importantly, conversational. If you sound like you’re reading from



Voice Over Shop

Audiobooks, ebooks and other downloadable resources are available for working voice over professionals and aspiring voice over artists. Just click here



Complete Production Services

So this is your first time, huh? Everybody's a little nervous the first time. It'll be over before you know it. Just relax. We'll be gentle with you. We'll make your first time memorable.

With more than forty years of combined production experience, the Voice Over Nation team has what it takes to help you produce your first radio, ...


Essentials of Voice Over Class

One night a week for six consecutive weeks, approximately two hours per class   Anyone who wants to become a voice over talent has to face that classic Catch 22: you can’t get hired unless you have experience and work samples, and you can’t get experience and work samples unless you get hired. Until now.

The Essentials of Voice ...


Professional Voice Over Demos

A voice demo is the most important promotional tool a voice over artist can have. But how does one create a demo that stands out? The experts at Voice Over Nation know the secret to producing voice demos that make casting agents and producers take notice. So whether you’re a voice over newbie who needs an entire ...



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David Conner

David Conner

David Conner has worked in the recording industry since 1997. His career has taken him from Chicago to Los Angeles, Dallas to Milwaukee, and even South East Asia. He has been Chief Audio Engineer for Bigfoot Entertainment, Dick Orkin’s “Famous Radio Ranch,” Tanner-Monagle, Vibe Recording Collective and Loft 117, recording, mixing and sound designing hundreds of radio and television commercials.

His ...


Dave Redemann

Dave Redemann

Dave Redemann has been a writer, producer and voice over director for nearly a quarter century. (No he didn’t start at age 3.) He began his career in radio, working in Milwaukee, Houston and Washington DC before switching to “a more stable industry;” i.e. advertising. Dave has since worked at some of the nation’s most influential advertising agencies, gaining experience ...



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